Friday, 21 March 2008

For Sale: Buy or Bye?

Joyfully, Barking Mad has achieved much in a short time; started with a heart-felt passion based in common sense (scents), with no web experience or funding, the organisation serves the majority of Australians who care for pets. We have created links with important agencies who know the value pets provide financially and emotionally in community welfare, ageing, rehabilitation, mental health, mobility and especially to the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society. Health professionals and our new Labor government admit the benefits of pets far outweigh the negatives. We've got common sense on our side and our compassion for pets provides us with compassion for people who can't quite get that special link you can establish and maintain with a non-human animal.

Sadly, I must admit that my health is failing. The trauma of being arrested and locked up twice in 24 hours (both times acting legally), charged 4 times in a month and then being targeted (along with other members) for living a 'normal' life with our extremely well trained dogs has taken its toll. On medical advise, my work capacity is limited. After the brutal arrest that resulted in the NSW Transport Minister admitting Barking Mad was in the right, my wrists still hurt from being dragged and handcuffed. X-ray results are pending.

While good for the dog who can get walks based on 'rehabilitation' it's no way to run a business - even a not-for-profit one! I literally grew up in customer service in a family retail business and I am fully committed to serving my members who have trusted me with their financial contributions. As proprietor of Barking Mad I am facing difficult decisions in what would normally be such an exciting time in business with our recent successes with pubic transport.

  1. Sell the business - including trademark, goodwill, membership etc.
  2. Obtain sponsorship for a minimum of one year and $200,000.
  3. Bring in volunteers or partners willing to work for the cause and forego immediate payment. Accommodation on offer in exchange for income.
  4. Your idea?

Please contact me if you have a proposal or solution. If you have a suggestion, please contact me only if you can carry out the suggestion. Thank you all.

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