Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Better for the environment to streak than use public transport?

Personally, I find this photo upsetting. Streaking is a relatively accepted and often funny way to make a point, but why get knocked down in the process? Some sports I will never understand, but the point of this entry today is that it is better (by law) to behave like this naked man (and after the Mardi Gras parade we would have hoped to see a better physique), than to take your pet on public transport.

You see, our streaker payed a $1,500 fine for his publicity and had NO CONVICTION recorded. That means, he is not a 'criminal'. Me, as Barking Mad's proprietor, risk having a conviction recorded for travelling legally on a bus, and therefore being a 'criminal' forever in the public eye.

I started Barking Mad after being defrauded in a business (in which I won in a protracted court case) and having my superannuation being taken by a bank agent passing off as a 'trustee' when he wasn't, (legal action still ongoing). I decided a dog was my best companion option after all this! But the criminal fraud charges have stalled against my perpetrator and I am now at risk of being a criminal for choosing to use public transport with pooch.

Let's make clear that's my 'public-access tested', 'approved to work with children' pooch. In other words - you can step on her, pull her tail, poke your fingers in her eyes, and she will choose to move away rather than retaliate for someones really silly action. She will also never trick you into signing over a mortgage or your super to her - yet we're criminals in waiting.

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