Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Movie Day with the Dogs

Since the beginning of January the notice "no dogs allowed" is removed from the Admiral cinema. Every Thursday, film goers can take their dogs with them into the cinema. For those who would like to sample the quality of the canine cinema for themselves, visit this Vienna theatre - remember you can take pooch on the plane or train or bus to get there, and when you arrive, a petting corner, popcorn for dogs and fresh water are provided.

I certainly recall a meeting with a State MP lately who said to me 'you wouldn't take your dog to the movies with you, surely?'. Whoof!

The Admiral cinema in Vienna's 7th district, one of the oldest in the city, has been under new management since December 2007. They have opened the doors of the picture house to man's best friend.

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Mike said...

Vienna is a wonderfully dog-friendly city. Bondi visited the KunsthausWein gallery/museum with me, travelled on the underground trains, and supped with me at the fabulous Cafe Central.

When I visited the big EMI store, the staff even brought out water for him.