Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Our year, our companions & our family: maybe

Our year: our companions & our families. M A Y B E Are you reading this as a pet owner or pet-lover? Are you not yet a member of Barking Mad? If you want more access for you and your pets then join Barking Mad - it's not your small membership $ contribution that will make the changes, it is the fact that your membership counts for the views of 100 people. And that is how laws are changed. We have support in NSW Parliament and in the federal government - to raise the profile of the CONTRIBUTION pets make to our health and well-being. Do you want change? We can achieve it. We can differentiate ourselves as responsible pet owners - the laws are there to take care of those who are not responsible.

We don't ban everyone from driving because 1500 people are killed each year. The NSW office of Local Government credits 99% of dog owners as responsible. We think it may be more like 90%, but either way, we should not be penalised due to actions of a few - that's what the regulators should look after and we should be able to choose responsibly when and where we would like to take our companions with us. For example, you don't go to a family pizza restaurant early in an evening if you don't want to be around noisy kids. It would be a sad society that doesn't allow noisy kids in a family restaurant. Also, you don't have to go to a beach that is shared with families and dogs if you don't want to be around dogs - go to a different beach.

A healthy society is full of choices - and respect for others choices as well. Don't be part of the problem. Barking Mad is the only lobby group for pet owners. Join - it's easy.

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