Friday, 9 November 2007

Write a letter for election 07

ELECTION O7 web page added to Barking Mad. Go there and PLEASE write your letters! We are getting a good response to the silly 'one dog per family' law in Queensland. We are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to get rid of the stupid dog line in Bronte (his electorate) and hold accountable those responsible for such madness, and the stress it has caused to many people, particularily the elderly.Your one letter could make a world of difference.Please - if you write just ONE LETTER this election, let this one be it:Email Kevin Rudd -
click here
sample letter: Does the Labor/Liberal Party support the discrimination of 40% of the population? Does the Labor/Liberal Party support policies that deny responsible pet owners access to housing, parks, public transport and taxies? Would the indirect discrimination faced daily by thousands of pet owners who rent be sanctioned by Labor (continued to be sanctioned by the Liberal Party?

  • Do your environmental policies of require the 65% of the population who own pets to drive a private vehicle because even taxis won’t allow them to travel with their pet?
  • Does the Labor/Liberal Party support a one dog per family law in Queensland?
  • Will your party step in and bring and end to draconian dog laws that cause division in our communities and dress up revenue raising as animal welfare?
  • Will the Labor/Liberal Party step in and change the focus to the proven benefits of pet ownership, dispel the ‘health risk myth’ and promote the many utilitarian roles for dogs such as in search and rescue, quarantine, policing, aged care and mental health?

We look forward to a positive response from you; one we can promote to our members.

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