Sunday, 21 October 2007

Bronte Dog Line

We had over 150 people who signed in at our assembly at Bronte this morning and many more who attended. What a show of support and what enthusiasm! It's very heartening to me when people make passionate comments about the role of dogs and pets in their family. One woman's story of the positive effect her pooch had on her family of five children, the fifth being autistic warmed my heart. We'll have that story soon on the family page. We'll get more reports on our two events today later this week - well maybe not because it's time to have a break and celebrate our one year birthday at our weekend away this Friday. It will be nice to be on 700 acres of pet friendly land, swimming, eating and enjoying family and dog companion at one time.

And yes, Zara (below) got home and now we have work with the builders union as people are trying to ban dogs from work sites. That's why Zara walked. For five years she went with her dad to work. Now he was told to leave her home and it's not working for anyone. Zara is the 9th dog I have found on the central coast and all got home without being fined.

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