Sunday, 14 October 2007

Jacaranda Bliss

The day I spot the first purple blooms on a jacaranda tree is a day I remember as my favourite for the year. These tress are so gorgeous; having loved the colour purple as long as I can remember, I was surprised and delighted when I sailed to Australia from the states (for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race) and arrived in November 1989 - just as Sydney Harbour was awash with purple trees. How spectacular! I was in heaven, and still am living in this amazing country

This year jacaranda day was even more special - and certainly satisfying. Some long-term blog readers may remember that Barking Mad came about because of my simple act of getting my first dog while living on Collaroy beach (May 05) and experiencing surprising restrictions on where I could take my new companion. But WHY I got that dog was because I had been defrauded (big bank involved) and lost my rural business, other property, my superannuation and most of the life I had known and worked towards for 20 years. So, on jacaranda day, I FINALLY found out that a major player in the fraud was finally escorted out of the bank where he worked . Litigation continues and hopefully, some day there will be justice. But, justice or not, we have BARKING MAD and are we ever getting some support and recognition!
It is an absolute joy to work with members who are able to take an active role in our activities. Pet lovers are the best people; KIND people. I love working with pet owners! We are starting to receive donations from people financially and in-kind. That's what we need to change these silly dog laws and it's all starting to happen. Thank you to all of you who have put your faith in this very young and new organisation. Together we will make our Aussie communities more pet friendly!

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