Monday, 1 October 2007

Our Pets, Our Vets

Is your vet a member of Barking Mad? If not, WHY NOT? Individual membership (even when we attain our goal of 100,000 members) will not sustain the work of Barking Mad. If you think you spend a lot of money on your pets, well trying hiring a pack of lawyers. Talk about meat eaters!

We need the financial support of the pet industry to keep Barking Mad a-rocking and a-rolling. If your vet employs 6 people (and less than 99), membership is just $110. I bet every paid up member has a vet, so please, have your vet become a member as it will raise the profile of Barking Mad even more.

EVEN MORE - we are on a roll (see Hot Dog below). We are taking on Queensland (yes, the state of Queensland) for their one dog per family law that has caused many a person to make the comparison with China's one child per family policy. Although these QLD councils have not implemented this policy to reduce the pet population, as we all know responsible pet owners are, well, responsible.

We think it is revenue raising combined with small-government syndrome (SGS), dressed up as animal welfare.Write to the new Premier at .and ask her to stop this policy madness now. Half of Queensland population growth is from NSW and Victoria and 20% of dog owners have more than one dog. (The 'policy' is revenue raising because you can pay an application fee of $300+ to have someone decide if you can have more than one dog.)

SAY IT FAST: Health Risk Myth.

DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE MORE REFERENCES TO HOT DOGS than to our canine friends in the Food Acts of NSW and QLD?

I am Barking Mad from people telling us that 'dogs are a health risk'. I'm going VISITING in the hospital WITH my dog to give patients a moment of doggie-love. If dogs are a health risk why aren't the 42% of dog owners unwell? Why do we repeatly come up 'above average' in the health surveys?

  • Did you know that our Federal Government FUNDS dogs visiting patients?
  • Did you know that WALKING THE DOG (yours or your neighbours) is part of the NATIONAL HEALTH STRATEGY?
  • Visit the new HEALTH page (click here) and debunk the health risk myth.
    NSW Parliament is sitting and we are ready. Read about our proposed amendment to the Companion Animals Act here (members area).

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