Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Apec dog because sniffing is allowed

We're off to the CBD with a freshly washed pooch to visit two of our barristers. Should be interesting with the APEC stuff, but we also need to trial Sydney buses more. One member was denied access to two northern beaches buses with her small pooch; both buses were nearly empty. She couldn't remember the protocol to tell the driver - the code number and to call the depot on the radio, so she didn't get her lift to Manly Dogs Day Out. Very sad. So, we're going on a few buses again.

The Pittwater and Warringah campaigns are launched - do check the Act Now section, write your letters and you can send money, too. We're waiting on the judgment where the magistrate was less than complimentary about Pittwater council dog laws.
And, we're on Pet talk TV and radio, so check out what we have to say.....and, what Manly Council (one of our favourites) said!

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