Monday, 17 September 2007

Buzzz . . .

It was a week ago that I woke up early, ready do the 40 metre commute to the office when I heard this amazing noise amongst the quiet of my sea-side bush. I mean BUZZ. What sort of power tool is that? Why have they started before 7am? Where is it from? Was it a power tool? Nope. IT’S SPRING.
The massive Ash tree is a-flower and wow, does it have company. These BEEs are VERY BUSY BEES - just like Barking Mad, except we work all year around AND day and night.
We've added QUEENSLAND campaigns and hopefully have a state coordinator there again. There are some really STUPID dog laws out there.
Did you receive your membership email? That email system costs us a small fortune ($250/month) so I hope it's keeping you informed and happy. We're off to court tomorrow again trying to finish up the litigation that gave birth (so to speak) to Barking Mad. After being defrauded three years ago, I decided to get a dog and the rest is history. So too is my win in court, but have they paid? NOPE. Does the court care? Doesn't seem to, but we'll see. Pema now goes to court with me as they can't find any reason in the Court Security Act to stop her and my judge doesn't mind her in his court. Here is a photo of us waiting for the Sherriff to let us in. So far we've been in three different courts and not even for dog things (yet).
What else? We are busy writing ammendments to legislation for the next session of Parliament in NSW (hopefully).
My 16 year old cat exhibits a zest for life and a quest for death alternatively at least 10 times a day. I'm sure there is a story about compassion and responsiblity there, but now he takes a lot of my emotional energy. Pets are really about caring; we are caring people. It's not nice when we're made out to be criminals because we have (legal) companion animals.
And Pema had a great time at Circular Quay after our last court date making a lot of people happy and creating a warm, social atmosphere in a tourist venue. And how funny to meet a scottish couple with a busines back home called Barking Mad!

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