Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A Personal Note on Tactics

I think we would be hard pressed to find any lobbyist or business person who doesn't agree that legislation lags behind our current state of knowledge. The recently lifted ban of home water tanks is one example. Unfortunate but true, change in legislation does not come easily. As one council dog officer told me in relation to dogs on the beach "it hasn't changed for the last 15 years and it's never going to.” Aside from the absolute MOTIVATION that comment invites, it is also a sad indication of the view of some people in government.

If things didn't change just because they haven't for the last 15 years, we would not be wearing seat belts, or transporting our children in baby capsules in vehicles. We wouldn’t have air bags, we wouldn’t recycle and we still wouldn’t know what a cappuccino is!

There is no logic in a legislative view that the past dictates the future. Barking Mad is set up to challenge and change the legislation that puts unjust restrictions on responsible pet owners. We accept that some people don’t want a change and that will always be the case with every situation. A diverse community does not work by consensus. If you don’t like dogs, don’t want them on ‘your’ beach or at your cafĂ©, we accept your opinion and choice. Personally, for most of my life I would not have been seen as ‘dog-person’. Obviously my view has changed, and through this change, I accept (but may not fully understand) people who are not keen on dogs or other pets.

As membership increases, the tactics of lobbying become more varied. Not all members want to participate in a legal assembly. Some want more demonstrations such as dogs outside of parliament house (now there's an idea!), some want a class action against penalty notices and some want to be a quiet supporter or a poll-taker.

I greatly appreciate all your views and opinions, especially that you have taken the time to make contact or otherwise get your voice heard. Now, if you've got a campaign you want to run, do get in touch. Thanks, Eedra

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