Friday, 30 March 2007

Manly Daily Media Response

Masses of people are willing to stand up for their rights to our community facilities. With the registrations, we have heard some very sad stories. One of a man in his senior years who walked his elderly pooch daily at about .5k/hour (off lead) and was repeatedly fined, even though the pooch wouldn't leave his side.

We were told of another story of a man who has lost his drivers license & therefore his livelihood due to an unpaid pooch fine. What harm are we causing with our dogs? We were told by several people of a disturbing event witnessed by members of a dog-friendly surf club. They saw at ranger run after a woman walking her dogs early in the morning on an empty beach - she got a fine for each of her dogs! (Three x $330 - insanity).

Barking Mad will support members who cop fines for responsible (but illegal) dog behaviour by challenging these in court.

We have also been told of rangers hiding in the bushes ready to ambush those who dare to put paw to sand. With these stories, it's difficult to not harbour hostility towards rangers; however, despite apparent Gestapo tactics, they are doing their job. Barking Mad does not support Ranger Anger. We do support dog owners knowing their rights and are quite convinced our legal rights are more then most people may currently believe.

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